Dry cleaning and shirt ironing

Lava & Cuce shops utilise innovative machines, allowing for the larger part of activities to be carried out in an automated fashion, which means greater volumes in a short time along with extremely high quality results.

A few images of the Laux system by Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, which allows for automation of the various phases from when shirts are delivered, to their storage, to when they are returned to customers. The system is set up with a Personal Computer, a barcode reader and a receipt printer. The customer is issued a personal membership card with bar codes relevant to the items consigned recorded onto it; once the items of clothing have been dry cleaned and ironed they are hung on the specific conveyor belt. This is how the simple reading of the card, implemented with the bar code reader allows for the automated operation of the conveyor belt to sort out, in just a few short seconds, the items to be consigned to the customer, thus substantially reducing waiting time at the counter.