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Lava & Cuce is not a seasonal business neither does it depend on what current fashion dictates.

Lava & Cuce represents a significant, year round opportunity for shopping centres and malls by:

  • offering practical, handy services required by visitors;
  • attracting an ever growing number of customers and maintaining the loyalty of already existing ones;
  • introducing a business destined to become a sound, trustworthy point of reference in a very short time;
  • The quickness and convenience of Lava & Cuce’s services cater to the needs of customers in shopping centres and malls.

Lava & Cuce washes, dries and irons in less than 90 minutes by utilising the most advanced technology just enough time to get the shopping done!

The services carried out by Lava & Cuce actually work harmoniously alongside the activity of clothing stores, by offering quick tailoring and alterations (shortening and taking in of trousers, hemming, zipper replacements and buttons etc…).